Gallery Updates: Tower Prep Stills and Promotional Photos

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I’ve added new Tower Prep episode stills and one promotional photo that we were missing to the site’s photo gallery. I’ll be adding more photos during the next weeks. Stay tuned.

New Site Layout & 1 year online!

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Hello everyone! It’s been quite awhile without updates on this site! I wish I knew what Elise is working on, or that I had something to post about… In the meantime, I decided it was about time to change the layout of this fan site. The new theme was made by Tathy, and I love it!!! It’s very different from the other pink and bright layout we previously had. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
It’s also been a year (and a few months) since I launched this website. It has been a fun ride, and I hope to keep this site for many more years, to keep you all and myself updated in everything Elise Gatien.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
premiered in theaters on August 3rd! Elise plays Madison there, go see it! =P

If you have pictures, information or anything else this site is missing, please email us at

Happy 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July, USA! =)

Fake Elise Twitter Account ALERT!

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Hey guys! This just came to my attention, and I am really mad! ELISE GATIEN doesn’t have a twitter account as of right now, so this one @EliseGatien, is TOTALLY FAKE! You can actually see it from those tweets, and pictures (they are being taken from this site, the real Elise would have other pictures, for sure!) and besides that account IS at least one year old, whoever did that, changed the username not long ago. When I created my twitter account, after that fake one was created, EliseGatien was available, and it should’ve stayed that way, for one day, if Elise decides to join twitter! So please, help me report that account!!

Let everyone know that @EliseGatien is a FAKE account and do not follow it!

You can follow the fansite’s twitter instead – @EliseGatienCom. I am not trying to be someone else. I am just a fan account like I explain on my twitter page. Feel free to follow, so you’ll know whenever there are updates on the site. =)

Fan Video: “CJ&Ian Falling to Pieces”

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It’s awesome that fans keep making fan videos about Tower Prep, even if it was cancelled two years ago. This one was uploaded in mid May and I loved it!! It’s about CJ (Elise Gatien) and Ian (Drew Van Acker). And it was made by AnniexLiam.

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