Elise new movie project!

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Since I am with some internet today, I decided to check Elise’s imdb page and for my surprise she got to be in a new movie! I am so excited! It’s called “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days” and will premiere in 2012. They are currently filming the movie in Vancouver, Canada. Her role will be Madison.
We still don’t know much about the movie, but once we know, it will be posted at elise-gatien.com!


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Hi everyone! I have been on holidays that’s why I haven’t updated the site as I wished. I still have some photos to add on the gallery. I will be back on September 1 and I will update the site and gallery. See you soon!

Elise @ Comic-Con 2010

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Comic Con 2011 is coming (it is probably that Elise isn’t going to be there) so to celebrate that, I will post a video of Elise Gatien and Dyana Liu from the cast of “Tower Prep” answering questions about Tower Prep last year at Comic Con in San Diego. She was amazing!

Gallery Update!

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I’ve been adding more pictures to the gallery. I added screencaptures of an episode of SmallVille, photoshoots and one event. Check them all at the gallery by clicking on the images.

Tower Prep: Posters/Promotional Photos

Appearances: Comic-Con 2010, July 25 2010

Movies and Television: SmallVille – Episode Stills

Tower Prep Fan Made Video

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Some time ago I saw this video on Paul Dini’s twitter and I loved it. Doing a search of Elise videos on youtube I found it again and I decided to show for those who never got to see this amazing video. A much better opening credits video right? Fan Videos are always the best. I loved the clips that the person who made this video choose of Elise. Watch it below.

Credits: Ulrich229

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