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Hi!!! I’ve made a new page for icons/avatars of Elise. The theme was designed and coded by me. I hope you guys like it. I also added +100 icons of Tower Prep all made by Maehry. Check them out here. As soon as I can, I will make some icons for the site. Elise is so pretty and talented that I really enjoy making fanart of her. =]

Her face expressions are amazing, aren’t they?!!

The Obsession movie

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I came across these youtube videos about the first tv movie Elise did back in 2006. I never saw the movie and I couldn’t find it anywhere so I decided to search on youtube and gladly I found the whole movie there (thank you SOO much JokerLiciousss24 for the upload)! :D If you never saw it, watch below. You won’t regret it!

A ballet teacher’s obsession with a young student leads him to date the girl’s unaware mother in order to get closer to the object of his twisted affection.

Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12

It’s a really good movie and shows how talented Elise is!!
You can expect a layout change soon. And I added a new picture of Elise – it’s her photo @ imdb – that you can find in the gallery :)


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I just found this video of a person drawing Elise. Amazing right?

Supernatural captures added

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I added 118 captures of Elise guest starring on Supernatural season 6 in 2010. Click on the thumbnails below to go to the gallery.

Elise Gatien to guest star on Level Up!

Posted by Vera in Aug 21,2011 with 2 Comments

Elise is filming for her guest star role “Heather” on “Level Up”! Wow another project! Elise is with many great projects this year. :)

Level Up is an upcoming live-action show from Cartoon Network. Little is known about the series other than the fact that its in the making. After high schoolers Wyatt (Gaelan Connell), Lyle (Jessie T. Usher), Dante (Connor del Rio) and Angie (Aimee Carrero) unwittingly open a portal from a video game into the real world, characters from the game and internet start leaking into the real world. The group now finds themselves balancing their everyday lives with the extraordinary things that show up in their town.

And please like the official page for Elise Gatien on facebook.

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