New Layout!!

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Hello! As you can see we have a brand new layout here at! After a year (for me it was a year, but I only launched the site in June), I decided it was about time to change the look of the site. This theme was made by my lovely friend Elda, and I am so in love with it! I love pink and this pictures, the flowers and the effects, I really love everything. The boxes are also beautiful. Everything that’s here is and I hope you like the layout as much as I do.
With the new layout, I’ve also created a video archive. It only has two videos up until now, but I will be adding more from Tower Prep, and other tv shows and movies Elise starred, as soon as possible. The theme of the video site was made by Nicki and I really like it. I love working in this site, I am sure Elise will be big one day and I want to be here to witness her climb. =)
I would love if you could leave your thoughts about the new theme in the comments below…

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