New gallery layout!!

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Hey everyone!! We have a new and BEAUTIFUL theme in our photo gallery made by the lovely and talented Kimberly. I used the same shoot of the main page layout because I really love it, I hope you like the theme as well!

Note: This is a non-profit fansite, I don’t make any profit for running it. I do this fansite to support Elise’s career and for the fans she has around the world. Fansites are a way of promoting artists as well. The google ad codes are from my host, and because I am still studying I can’t afford a paid hosting, so I am hosted in a free fansite host, the ads are from them to pay their server costs. Like I said, I don’t get any money for running this fansite, I do this in my free time, for fun and because I like Elise. I just thought I should make this clear.

*I am always looking for new pictures to share with the fans, feel free to email me at if you have photos we don’t have yet. Thank you. ♥

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