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Gallery Updates: Tower Prep Stills and Promotional Photos

Posted by Vera in Sep 06,2012 with No Comments

I’ve added new Tower Prep episode stills and one promotional photo that we were missing to the site’s photo gallery. I’ll be adding more photos during the next weeks. Stay tuned.

Fan Video: “CJ&Ian Falling to Pieces”

Posted by Vera in Jun 03,2012 with No Comments

It’s awesome that fans keep making fan videos about Tower Prep, even if it was cancelled two years ago. This one was uploaded in mid May and I loved it!! It’s about CJ (Elise Gatien) and Ian (Drew Van Acker). And it was made by AnniexLiam.

‘Tower Prep’ premieres in Portugal on June 2nd

Posted by Vera in May 28,2012 with 1 Comment

Portugal is airing ‘Tower Prep’ starting Sunday, June 2 on SIC, at 11:20am! This series will air every weekend until the end of the season.
If you are from Portugal and visit us, watch it!!

Tower Prep has been officially cancelled!

Posted by Vera in Dec 13,2011 with 2 Comments

Sadly that’s the true. Paul Dini (creator) confirmed on his twitter that it’s official, no more Tower Prep! I just want to say that was great that we had a chance to watch at least 1 season and it was amazing thanks to a great cast and crew! I loved Elise’s there, she did a great work performing “CJ”!

Tower Prep premiered on Vuzu (South Africa)

Posted by Vera in Nov 12,2011 with No Comments

Looks like Tower Prep started airing on Vuzu in South Africa on October 24, and it airs on Mondays at 20:30! That is great!! If you visit this site and it’s airing in your country, please tell. I would love to know. =)
I hope you guys are liking the tv show so far (for South Africa fans).

UPDATE! Thanks to Anne for letting me know that the show premiered in Spain and Brazil last week!!