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“The Selection” Gets CW Pilot Order

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There are news for “The Selection”! Elise was previously announced as May Singer in the upcoming tv show, but now with the script and actors change, I have absolutely no idea if she will continue in the cast. Hopefully she will, because this would be a great opportunity for her acting career!! :)

Elise Gatien won’t be a part of the cast of The Selection 2.0..

The CW brass has been high on the concept for the Hunger Games-esque The Selection since the project was pitched in 2011. The network first ordered a pilot for the adaptation of the book by Kiera Cass last year. The project, written by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, didn’t make the cut to series, but the network kept it in redevelopment, ordering a new script from Craft and Fain. CW president Mark Pedowitz recently said that the network is quite happy with the duo’s new treatment, which is now getting a pilot green light.


I didn’t have the chance yet to wish all our visitors a happy new year! I hope you have a great year ahead!! And the site’s back online!! =]

There’s still hope for “The Selection” at the CW!

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Last week we found out The CW didn’t pick up The Selection for its 2012-2013 season, but reports that the tv series might not be dead after all.

Similarly, the CW is anticipated to take another stab at establishing a Television series based on The Selection series of books by Kiera Cass. The network brass are really keen on possessing a display on the air that is thematically close to the blockbuster Hunger Games film franchise the way the networks hit Vampire Diaries is to Twilight.

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CW President Mark Pedowitz announced that the Hunger Games-like drama pilot set in a dystopian future is being redeveloped for a possible midseason or summer 2013 debut.

Whether or not the project would recast remains to be seen. “We want to go back in and get it right, give it the right tone and get it on the air,” Pedowitz said.

I hope they keep Elise as May on the tv series!

The Secret Circle Captures + Clip

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Hello!! I’ve added captures of “The Secret Circle” episode “Prom” where Elise guest stared as Dianna’s mom! She looked amazing! It was great seeing her on my tv screen again.

I found this video on youtube with the scene Elise was in as Elizabeth Meade. =)

And to all the mothers reading this, I hope you all have a good day! Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo of Elise from The Selection Set!

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They are filming already!! And there’s a picture of Elise on the set of “The Selection”, in Vancouver! See the photo below!

So excited!! Finally news, and pictures of Elise.

Elise Gatien @ Level Up – Screencaptures!!

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The episode starring Elise Gatien as Heather on the tv show “Level Up” aired this week on Cartoon Network!! She was beautiful, I really liked her hair. =) Click on the images below to see all of them at the gallery.