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The Site is Back!

Posted by Vera in Jan 04,2012 with No Comments

Hey everyone! You might had noticed, this site was offline for a couple of days… During the downtime I lost the latest updates on the gallery and site. I already posted the “happy new year” update, I still need to re-upload a picture I added of Elise at VIFF from 2010. Things will be back to normal now, we are hosted in a new server, so I hope we won’t have more downtimes.

I’ll be adding Dr. Dollitle 4 captures soon, stay tunned! =)

Happy New Year!

Posted by Vera in Jan 01,2012 with No Comments


2012!!! Happy New Year everyone!! I want to wish all the visitors a great 2012, I am sure it will be an amazing year for Elise as well, she has new movie projects, etc. Cannot wait to find more about them and this site will be online for more years. I hope you enjoy every second of this new year the best way. Happy 2012!

Merry Christmas!!!

Posted by Vera in Dec 25,2011 with No Comments

I hope all our visitors have a happy christmas!!!


New Layout!!

Posted by Vera in Dec 13,2011 with No Comments

Hello! As you can see we have a brand new layout here at! After a year (for me it was a year, but I only launched the site in June), I decided it was about time to change the look of the site. This theme was made by my lovely friend Elda, and I am so in love with it! I love pink and this pictures, the flowers and the effects, I really love everything. The boxes are also beautiful. Everything that’s here is and I hope you like the layout as much as I do.
With the new layout, I’ve also created a video archive. It only has two videos up until now, but I will be adding more from Tower Prep, and other tv shows and movies Elise starred, as soon as possible. The theme of the video site was made by Nicki and I really like it. I love working in this site, I am sure Elise will be big one day and I want to be here to witness her climb. =)
I would love if you could leave your thoughts about the new theme in the comments below…

New gallery theme

Posted by Vera in Nov 27,2011 with No Comments

I’ve changed the theme of the gallery. I used pics of Elise on her latest appearance and the theme was made by Samantha! Next week I am also changing the main site layout so stay tuned for that! I hope you like the new theme! Click here to check the gallery!

I am also doing a Tower Prep marathon and making captures of Elise in the series. I am going to upload them to the gallery during the next weeks.