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Fake Elise Twitter Account ALERT!

Posted by Vera in Jun 14,2012 with 1 Comment

Hey guys! This just came to my attention, and I am really mad! ELISE GATIEN doesn’t have a twitter account as of right now, so this one @EliseGatien, is TOTALLY FAKE! You can actually see it from those tweets, and pictures (they are being taken from this site, the real Elise would have other pictures, for sure!) and besides that account IS at least one year old, whoever did that, changed the username not long ago. When I created my twitter account, after that fake one was created, EliseGatien was available, and it should’ve stayed that way, for one day, if Elise decides to join twitter! So please, help me report that account!!

Let everyone know that @EliseGatien is a FAKE account and do not follow it!

You can follow the fansite’s twitter instead – @EliseGatienCom. I am not trying to be someone else. I am just a fan account like I explain on my twitter page. Feel free to follow, so you’ll know whenever there are updates on the site. =)

“The Selection” not picked up by the CW

Posted by Vera in May 12,2012 with No Comments

It’s with sadness that I announce that “The Selection” has not been picked up by the CW! =( I was really looking forward to this series… I wish nothing but the best to Elise for new projects!

Missing from the list of pilot pickups is “The Selection,” based on the dystopian novel by Kiera Cass and starring “Friday Night Lights” actress Aimee Teegarden. –

Request: Magazine Scans!

Posted by Vera in Oct 07,2011 with No Comments

I am making this post to ask the visitors of this site if they can send me magazine scans featuring Elise Gatien. I live far away from Canada or the USA so it’s really hard for me to find magazines with Elise! I read on twitter that there is an article about Elise in a men’s magazine from Canada – “UMM Canada – Urban Male Magazine”. I am not sure if she is featured there, but if any of you have anything of her, please donate to this site. Me and I am sure a lot of other fans would appreciate it.

Our email address for donations/questions:


Posted by Vera in Aug 26,2011 with No Comments

I just found this video of a person drawing Elise. Amazing right?