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Scan: UMM Fall 2011

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I finally found the scan I was looking for! Elise is featured in the spotlight section of this Fall, Urban Male Magazine. And thanks to Brian Baker we have the scan and article! I love the photoshoot!! ♥ Elise is so pretty. The article is also great because we can get to know Elise a little more.

If you have magazine scans and pictures of Elise, please email me at Full credits will be given!

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero?

Those are the words of brunette siren Elise Gatien who played Mia Dearden on ‘Smallville’.

Though comic-book character Speedy is not the only time she’s flexed her caped-crusader muscles, Gatien admits she’s drawn to the world of spandex and paranormal mystery.

In ‘Tower Prep’ she played CJ Ward, a teen who could read other people while reticent to reveal her secrets.

The flexibility in her seemingly tabula rasa character CJ, is what she loves about being in front of the camera.

Acting is so cool that you get to play all these different characters and try to figure out how you can relate to them,” she said. “It’s kind of cool bringing the human aspects to a superhero.

Though where they shot the show, at the abandoned Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam, British Columbia, raised the hair on her neck.

I would get stomach aches going there before because the place just freaks me right out,” she says. “I can’t even explain to you. You’d be standing there — and we filmed down in the tunnels a lot — and it was terrifying“.

You can’t work at Riverview and not believe in ghosts,” she adds. “It’s just crazy the energy that’s in that place.
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