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Gallery Updates: Tower Prep Stills and Promotional Photos

Posted by Vera in Sep 06,2012 with No Comments

I’ve added new Tower Prep episode stills and one promotional photo that we were missing to the site’s photo gallery. I’ll be adding more photos during the next weeks. Stay tuned.

Elise Gatien @ Level Up – Screencaptures!!

Posted by Vera in Feb 17,2012 with No Comments

The episode starring Elise Gatien as Heather on the tv show “Level Up” aired this week on Cartoon Network!! She was beautiful, I really liked her hair. =) Click on the images below to see all of them at the gallery.

New gallery layout!!

Posted by Vera in Feb 12,2012 with No Comments

Hey everyone!! We have a new and BEAUTIFUL theme in our photo gallery made by the lovely and talented Kimberly. I used the same shoot of the main page layout because I really love it, I hope you like the theme as well!

Note: This is a non-profit fansite, I don’t make any profit for running it. I do this fansite to support Elise’s career and for the fans she has around the world. Fansites are a way of promoting artists as well. The google ad codes are from my host, and because I am still studying I can’t afford a paid hosting, so I am hosted in a free fansite host, the ads are from them to pay their server costs. Like I said, I don’t get any money for running this fansite, I do this in my free time, for fun and because I like Elise. I just thought I should make this clear.

*I am always looking for new pictures to share with the fans, feel free to email me at if you have photos we don’t have yet. Thank you. ♥

Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief – Captures

Posted by Vera in Jan 15,2012 with 2 Comments

Elise starred in the 4th “Dr. Dolittle” movie – Tail to the Chief , in 2008. It was one of her biggest roles, and also my favorite, and where I first saw her acting! I’ve added 671 captures (I know, a lot!, but I love her face expressions and she appears in many scenes!!) to the gallery. I hope you enjoy.

New gallery theme

Posted by Vera in Nov 27,2011 with No Comments

I’ve changed the theme of the gallery. I used pics of Elise on her latest appearance and the theme was made by Samantha! Next week I am also changing the main site layout so stay tuned for that! I hope you like the new theme! Click here to check the gallery!

I am also doing a Tower Prep marathon and making captures of Elise in the series. I am going to upload them to the gallery during the next weeks.